The Reality of Touch Ups

No matter how skilled the artist is, sometimes the ink just doesn’t hold within the skin after the tattoo has been completed. After a month of healing I noticed that the ink in my top shoulder had fallen out and after sending a pic to Sean, he confirmed that it needed to be touched up. Now even though any tattoo artist could be up to that job, I decided that my personal policy would be that only the original artist would perform any necessary touch ups. This meant however that, being in the Czech Republic at the time, I needed to catch a flight to Barcelona as that’s where Meatshop tattoo had moved to.

Sean graciously offered to do the touch up at no charge so off I flew and rented a car, and drove for 3 hours, and missed my return flight due to roadworks, for a touch up that lasted all of 10 minutes. Totally worth it 🙂 How well the ink holds in any part of the skin can vary. Generally the thinner areas with less pigment (under hands and feet especially) don’t hold ink very well and may require multiple touch ups. Those areas often require the needle to be inserted deeper which means more pain, as I would later experience on my palms.

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