The Lettering Tattoos of Stanislav Gromov

On my second trip to Prague I met up with Stanislav Gromov (originally from Russia) who has a style which is reminiscent of urban graffiti although it has evolved into a much darker form of script which leans more towards the style of logos used for black metal bands. The latter style is what got my attention on Instagram and this would be another of my aesthetically based tattoos. What I asked of him was something I have also done with most of my other artists, give them free reign of the design. Unless there is a specific concept I want from them, my approach is to let them come up with the final piece with only the necessary amount of input from me for them to understand what I’m seeking. I am collecting their art on my skin, so it is more about a unique piece from a world-renowned tattoo artist rather than just a copy of something else (although I have also had tattoos which were from pre-existing designs by the artists themselves). I have been fortunate enough to have been with artists who not only provided this but who have also looked at how their work would tie in with any existing pieces I already had.

The lesson I learnt from this piece was not to assume that any specific area on your body will hurt more or less than any other part. The general rule is that the closer the area is to the bone the more painful it will be. For the most part that is true, and I thought that the calf being a very meaty area would not be too painful, but I was very much mistaken. It was a brutal session, and it took a long time for the swelling and pain to dissipate. Again though, pain levels for any tattoo will vary between individuals.

My lesson to you is this: if you want a tattoo in a specific area, then get it there. The caveat to this is to know how your job prospects would be affected by any visible ink. But do not concern yourself over the pain. Tattoos hurt wherever you get them, but it may just be an uncomfortable hurt that is mostly bearable. Or it could be a hurt that is taking you to the point of passing out. But, if there is a specific tattoo which you want in a specific place, you will be mentally strong enough to handle and overcome whatever pain that area throws at you.

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