More Ink from Sean Parry

Sean is one of the artists who I have visited on multiple occasions. I have seen him in Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester and in his hometown of Llandudno, Wales where he has opened up Sacred Knot Shop for both his tattoo business as well as his related clothing (Northern Fire) and art sales. This visit to him was to complete my right sleeve and it was to be done with Nordic themes and symbolism as per his original work on me. I gave Sean free reign over the design with minimal input and once again he astounded me with his creative flow.

In his own words: “Here you see the spear head of Gungnir, the magical spear made by the maggots of the earth, the Dwarfs. These dwarfs in particular were the Sons of Ivaldi, and lead by the master blacksmith Dvalin. In the old Norse stories the spear was a gift to Odin that never missed it’s mark.” – in reference to the design on the blade of my forearm.

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