Inaugural Ethnic Tattoo Festival 2019

My second piece by Durga was done at the very first Ethnic Tattoo Festival in Warsaw, Poland. The Ethnic Tattoo Festival aims to bring together artists who still practice the traditional tattooing ways as well as other forms of primitive arts and culture such as shamanism.

The tattoo itself was a marathon effort of 8 hours with Durga using a few assistants who volunteered to stretch the skin around the work he was doing (stretching the skin by the area being tattooed helps to get the ink in more easily when hand poking or tapping). Gracious amounts of Polish vodka also helped with raising the spirits and numbing the pain 😊

The designs were of traditional Borneo dragons on the foot and Borneo hornbills on my shin, all surrounded by traditional symbols and lines between the existing Cambodian Sak Yants.