Personal Sigils by Watsun Atkinsun

Watsun has a unique style of art in that he creates sigils based off words chosen either by him or the receiver of the tattoo. His style resonated with me immediately but getting hold of him was not easy. In my case, without an appointment, I got on a plane from Cape Town to Maine, USA and just showed up at the tattoo studio he was working at. This proved to be successful and my session was secured.

I only intended to have the three sigils done on my abdomen, but inspiration struck Watsun and a second session was booked. This second session was the first time that any of my previous ink was bound together (the lightning branches he added coming out of Mirkoโ€™s snake and Seanโ€™s wyrm) which set a trend for all my future pieces, in that my final goal was now to have a cohesive flow of tattoos from different artists.